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Stretch Therapy

7711 E Greenway Rd #101 Scottsdale Az 85260

Baseball Athletes

Delay Fatigue

Fewer aches & pains
Throw Faster - Hit Harder
Increase Speed & Hitting Power
Faster Recovery between games
Less fatigue means more Energy which equals better Performance

"After doing Fascial Stretch Therapy I immediately noticed amazing results in speed, range of motion and overall state of well being"

-Ryan Cavan

Infielder San Francisco Giants Minor League

"When I get stretch I can feel a huge difference on the baseball field.

I can feel my mind and body reacting as one.

Thank you Jon for keeping my body connected with my mind on the baseball field"

- Alfredo Guerrero

Minor League Infielder

Thanks for all your help Jon, it definitely helped my offseason go a lot better"

- Mike Gonzalez

MLB Pitcher

Players I've worked with

  • Mike Gonzalez - Brewers - Majors
  • James Hoyt - Atlanta Braves - Minors
  • Ryan Cavan - San Francisco Giants - Minors
  • Alfredo Guerrero - Minors Independent League
  • Lyndon Estill - Minors Independent League
  • Tyler Cox - Minors - Independent League
  • Tyler Huffer - Minors - Independent League
  • Nick Mo - Minors Italian League
  • Juan Senreiso - Minors
  • Devin Thaut - Minors
  • Sundrendy Windster - Minors