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Age has nothing to do with how your body feels

Posted on 19 February, 2017 at 0:54

My body aches because I'm old!!!
Does it really though???

Ever since I got into the fitness industry back in 1999 I always hear those few famous words. 
" just wait until your my age"
" you can do that because your young"
" I hurt now because I'm old"
" If only I was 30 again"

Well I'm here to give you some good news! Your age is not the reason why your body is in the shape it is in or why you have aches & pains. 

The reason or answer to the above statements has more to do with; 

1) The neglect that has taken place.
2) Over training or abuse your body has gone through
3) Going to long without knowing that there was or is an underlying issue with your body.
4) I'm too busy to take care of myself.

Let's break this down further;

1) Neglect - this has a number of examples. 
A) Can you remember that time you fell down really hard and your body was sore for a few weeks or longer? After a while you forgot about it and never had it checked out because you where "young" or just didn't make time to go get it taken care of. Well that small trauma to your body that was left unchecked may have started to caused your body to either build scar tissue or to compensate in how you move. Which slowly starts to wear more & more a little bit at a time until "x" number of years down the road your body can no longer tolerate it. 

B) I see this one a lot with former athletes/fitness people. Which is from a lack of movement. They always say "well I use to be this or do that all the time until I got a desk job or life got to stressful and no time." Now they sit all day or never move their body anymore which results in a slowly state of decondition the body resulting in it's inability to adapt to stress as well as weaken the body. 

2) Abuse - I see this with the weekend warriors, Type A personalities, the New Years resolutions and endurance athletes. 
These examples cause more wear and tear to their body then most. They tend to have high pain tolerances and have the go get it done kind of mental attitude. Which is a great trait but they forget that part of the plan to attaining their goal also needs to include rest & recovery. Rome wasn't built in a day!
So after a few months or years of pushing 150% and forgetting about that small little ache it's now grown into a chronic situation but the "I'm not going to let this stop me" mind set is the root of their discomfort & pain. 

3) Ignorance - this is the type of situation that slaps you in the face and you never saw it coming but it could have been prevented it. All it takes is going and getting your body worked on and not forgetting that yes your head does sit on top of a body and it needs your attention just as much as you focus on work or your life. If you don't, your body will let you know that it's been forgotten about at some point down the road. 

4) Time - No I'm not taking about your age but not taking the time out of your busy day to focus on yourself. That's right, it's important to also spend time each day taking care of yourself. I'd say this is a HUGE factor for a lot of people. We are all busy and its easy to skip a meal, a workout, a doctor check up or to start that fitness program we've been taking about for 4 months now. Next thing you know 6 months have past and those extra pounds of fat are still there or the gym clothes still have the dust on them.
It's always that same answer isn't it, "I know...I know...I need to start that!" 
Now that I have a child I fully understand how difficult it is to find those extra few minutes to take care of me.
Remember, no one is going to give you that time you need....YOU have to find/make it yourself.

So there are my top 4 reasons why your age may not have anything to do with how you feel. So go make today count and change how you will feel tomorrow.

Categories: back pain, exercise, Health, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder pain, Stretching

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